Property Management

Property Management Services

Sandy River Property Management specializes in the rental management of single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and vacation rentals in the Farmington area. When you trust us with your rental property you can rest assured that we will work with you to help keep your rentals filled with quality renters while making sure you receive the largest return on your investment. We work to make sure your property receives maintenance and upkeep, and we will alert you to any potential issues.

If you have a property that you would like us to evaluate, please submit a Landlord Application. We will perform an inspection of the property to make sure it meets our guidelines and provide you with a free consultation to help you make an informed decision.

Services we provide

  1. We will visit your property and perform a site evaluation.
  2. We will provide you with a free consultation to help you decide whether renting out your property is right for you.
  3. We advertise your property.
  4. We provide a rental application process to help find good renters.
  5. We use the applicant’s data to help align them with a property which best suits their criteria.
  6. We coordinate with prospective tenants to view the property.
  7. We conduct all background checks, and credit checks necessary.
  8. We conduct reference checks from past landlords, employers, etc.
  9. We will complete the lease process.
  10. We will work with you to meet Section 8 requirements.
  11. We will collect all fees for the tenant to start tenancy: first month’s rent, last month’s rent, security deposit, pet deposit, etc.
  12. We collect rent, and deposit checks into your designated accounts.
  13. We provide full accounting services.
  14. We will supply you with copies of all bills, along with monthly account statements.
  15. We act as a liaison between you and the tenant.
  16. We work with the tenant to renew their lease.
  17. We coordinate with the tenant for property inspections.
  18. We provide property condition reports.
  19. We handle all tenant notifications, and maintenance requests.
  20. We maintain a 24hr emergency call line.
  21. We work with you in dealing with all eviction procedures.
  22. We contract with vendors to perform lawn care, snow plowing, maintenance, etc..
  23. We will communicate with you as much, or as little as you require.
  24. We are always reachable to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  25. We will help you sell your property when the time comes.