List of oil and propane companies in or around Franklin County, Maine

Oil and Propane Companies

Bob's Cash Fuel
Madison, ME
(207) 696-3040 Website
CN Brown Oil and Propane
Farmington, ME
(207) 778-6353 Website
Community Energy Rumford, ME (207) 364-4165  
Dead River Oil and Propane Farmington, ME (207) 778-3331 Website
Dixfield Discount Fuel Dixfield, ME (207) 562-0972 Website
Fabian Oil and Propane Jay, ME (207) 897-5135 Website
Mt Blue Oil Company Farmington, ME (207) 778-4340  
Sandy River Cash Fuel Strong, ME (207) 684-2990  
Twitchell Oil and Propane Farmington, ME (207) 778-9678  
Valley Oil and Gas Kingfield, ME (207) 265-5443  

Also, here is a link to the State of Maine's page on Current Heating Fuel Prices.