Central Maine Power

If you are a new tenant and are moving into a new property you will most likely want to use electricity. Central Maine Power (CMP) is the electricity provider in this region. If you will be responsible for your electricity costs, then you will need to contact them before you move in and set up an account. And likewise, when you are moving out, you will want to cancel your service.

Central Maine Power
Residential customers: 1-800-750-4000
Outage reporting line: 1-800-696-1000
Website: https://www.cmpco.com

Landlords may want to contact CMP to discuss their options when the property is vacant. What happens to the power? This becomes especially important in the winter when you need power for your heating system. Here is a link to a CMP form which landlords should fill out which explains how you want them to handle power delivery between tenants.